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Project Re-Ride
On Go Skateboarding Day 2013, we gave 15 skateboards to underprivileged kids in the Windsor area.  We are already building boards for 2014, so any donations are helpful.

You can always help finish a board by donating used equipment or sponsoring the purchase of a new component.  email us through the contact link to help put another underprivileged kid on a skateboard.
Here are our current needs for 2014
13 Decks
5 sets of trucks
7 sets of wheels
11 sets of bearings.
Workshop Wishlist
Bearing press ($70-$80)


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The Truth

Mike Teves is one of the sickest skaters in the county.  Right now he is out with a sprained ankle, but it would seem he has equally sick skills in video editing.  Credits listed below.

Mike Teves
Andrew Aguanno
Mike Budok
Nathan Matte
Stefan Cvetkovic
Paul Jacobs
Rob Lindsey
Kon Rad
Pat Labute
Cody Bray
Kevin Victor
Steve Schmidt

Edited by : Mike Teves 

Song: Dr Dog- The Truth

Filmed with a Canon Powershot SX260 HS


Bon Voyage: Tyler Rancourt

     When I started ECS, it was just a website.  It has since become an advocacy group for skateboarding in my county.  That is all I ever want it to be.  Running local competitions, helping towns with their parks where we can, and trying to support young skaters.  But again, I'm not looking for the next Luan or Mike Mo.  I just want to help the kids have fun and maybe help develop a culture where skateboarding is something they can see themselves carrying into their adult years, regardless of their level.
     To this end, ECS is very sad to be saying good bye to Tyler Rancourt who will be moving up near Sudbruy / Elliot Lake area in early July.  Tyler has been a park local at Forest Glade, Atkinson and Amherstburg over the years.  He is going to be leaving behind a lot of friends.
     Skateboarding is one thing I want for Tyler, but more importnatly, Tyler is the kind of kid I want for skateboarding.  He is kind, hard working, listens to his Mom and tries to stay out of trouble.
     I have watched him improve as a skateboarder over the last couple of years, and I hope that via the internet, I will continue to watch him grow and progress.
     Tyler:  Keep it clean.  Keep it lean, and keep on pushing.



The 44 Trick Mission trailer #1


Quick Hits 13


Quick Hits 12