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Project Re-Ride
On Go Skateboarding Day 2013, we gave 15 skateboards to underprivileged kids in the Windsor area.  We are already building boards for 2014, so any donations are helpful.

You can always help finish a board by donating used equipment or sponsoring the purchase of a new component.  email us through the contact link to help put another underprivileged kid on a skateboard.
Here are our current needs for 2014
13 Decks
5 sets of trucks
7 sets of wheels
11 sets of bearings.
Workshop Wishlist
Bearing press ($70-$80)


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Game 6 Results

David G. took down the Essex qualifier.  Despite being the smallest of all of the qualifiers so far, David put down some serious tricks finishing both of his last 2 matches with double kickflips.

Now,  if you have missed most of the games so far, let me break down the math for you.  There are currently 5 people on track for point qualification that have played only 1 or 2 games.  Seriously, if you showedd up and made it to the semis in the next 2 games, you'd probably make it in.  AND THAT is if you had never played before.

For those who have already played a game or two, you have a serious shot.  It is not over by a long shot.

Game 7 is at Forest Glade, THSI WEDNESDAY at 630 pm.  Don't be late.



Game 5 results

Kyle B.  finally broke through to win a qualifier and is headed to the finals.  Meanwhile, Chris B. is dominating the points race.

Actually, right now, skaters who made the effort to drive out to the county qualfiers are sitting pretty.  Lenny M, Kevin P, and Kyle B. have Won their tickets at county qualifiers.

Your last three opportunities are in Essex on July 19 (1 pm),  Forest Glade, July 30 6:30 pm and at our mystery spot on Aug 6 at 6:30 pm.


Game 3 and 4 Results

Sorry about not posting results sooner.  The end of the school year is pretty busy, but it will be done in a matter of days for me.  Anyways...

In Game #3 in Amherstburg, Kevin P.  won in the fial game agains Kyle B.

In game #4 in Harrow, Lenny M. won his Golden Ticket in the final game, again against Kyle B.

Like Lenny and Kevin, Kyle is putting in the effort to travel to just about every game.  As a result, he is dominating the point standings.

26 skaters have registered for the league, but because so many have only played one or two games, Nick H. who played his first game tonight is tied for a top 16 spot which could get him into the finals if the league ended today.  This means that there is still time folks.

NOTE that next weeks game has been moved to the Vollmer park.  It starts at 6:30 on Wednesday evening.


Game #3

Gmae #3 is this Wednesday, June 11th in Amherstburg at 6:30 (weather permitting).  There is a golden ticket up for grabs and a chance to build up some points.

Who wants it?????


Game of S.K.A.T.E. League Stop #2

The Expo at the WFCU was cool, and as I expected, the turn out for the GOSL game was a little smaller.  We had some new skaters though and the points race is starting to shape up.  You you don't win a game, you are definitely going to need to place well in a few of these.

Thanks to Pat Labute and his Mom for donating water and ice for the game and some prizes that we gave away at the Expo and at the GOLS game.

The game #1 runner up, Kevin, made it to the semis and is still in the lead for points, but he fell victim to Devon Ducharme, who went on to win his ticket to the finals.

The next GOSL game goes out into the county.  Game #3 will be in Amherstburg on Wednesday, June 11th at 6:30 pm.  At the skatepark of course.  This will be the roughest surface in the series, and the kids who skate it regularly skate it well.  This game is a very good opportunity to take a shot at winning or points, as it is likely to be a smaller game due to the distance from Windsor and the rougher surface.

How bad do you want that ticket?