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Project Re-Ride
On Go Skateboarding Day 2013, we gave 15 skateboards to underprivileged kids in the Windsor area.  We are already building boards for 2014, so any donations are helpful.

You can always help finish a board by donating used equipment or sponsoring the purchase of a new component.  email us through the contact link to help put another underprivileged kid on a skateboard.
Here are our current needs for 2014
13 Decks
5 sets of trucks
7 sets of wheels
11 sets of bearings.
Workshop Wishlist
Bearing press ($70-$80)


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First Ever Tecumseh Comp

This Saturday, Tecumseh Parks and Recreation along with Essex County Skateboarding are hosting the first ever Tecumseh Saktepark Skateboard competition.

Tones of decks to give away in 3 age group.  Ramp, park and best trick. 

Spread the word!


Lots o' Comps

On August 23rd, Atkinson Skatepark will hold it's 10th annual game of skate and will be immediately followed by thr finals of the Game of SKATE League.

On August 30th, the Tecumseh Skatepark will be having it's first comp EVER.  Lots of Decks to give away.  Check out the poster below and on our facebook page for more info.


Go Skateboarding Day

The time has come for the coolest skateboarding day of the year.  If you don't make the most of it, you are lame.

This is the day to go to your local shop and buy something. (West 49, Zumiez and Bicycle World).

Local events are as follows.

1.  Tecumseh Skatepark.  10-2 (food and giveaways)

2.  Street skate from Jackson Park to Charles Park Square.  Leaving at 3.

3.  Informal jam and contests at Charles Park Square run by Steve Stiller and Ryan Barron.  Starts around 4

4.  West 49 is at Forest Glade from 4-7

5.  Kin Club Community Awards at Vollmer at 7pm.  This is a good one for parents to support.  The Kin Club gave us $600 towards prizes for the recent LaSalle competition.  We will be 'officially' receiving the money we have spent at this awards night.  $10 for tickets (soft drinks and finger foods) call JoAnne at 519-734-1062 for tickets.


GOSL #3 Results

Despite the threat of rain, game #3 went off without a hitch.  While we expected a slightly smaller turnout for the first game out in the county, those who came out definitely capitalized on the opportunity to earn points.  After 2 strong appearances in the first 2 games, Kevin Perkins won Game #3 to advance to the finals, by defeating Kyle Basset.

Game #4 is in Harrow in just 2 weeks.  (Wednesday, Juen 25th at 6:30).  

If you look closely at the standings, it is easy to see that there is still plenty of opportunity to make it into the finals.  If the league ended today, 7 of the qualifiers would get in having only played 1 game.  On top of that, Only Kevin Perkins has played every game and he is already in the finals.

Everyone who makes the finals gets a GOSL t-shirt and a chance to win $200.

Work the basics, let the other guy make mistakes, but you can't win if you don't play.

I'll have the video of todays final game in a few days.